Paris International: Gi and No-gi action among professional black belts in France

March 19, 2023

On this Sunday, March 19th, European fight fans had something to look out for. The AJP Tour Paris International Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2023 took over the Gymnase Louis Lumière by storm, spreading its welcoming mats to athletes of all ages and graduations.

Among the many good matches that populated the AJP fight areas, the Professional Black Belt category stands as a highlight of the event. With or without the Gi, the top-tiered athletes gave their all, bringing breathtaking duels and awe-inspiring displays of technique to the fans who watched the tournament in person or through the live stream at

Check out the highlights below and for the full results, click here!


69kg: Lucas Ramos vs. Danny Pla

After submitting his first opponent, Brazilian Lucas Ramos found himself in the final round against the local Danny Pla. After a balanced match that took over the regulated time and saw the score tied at 2-2, Lucas came out on top by referee decision.

77kg: João Pedro Barbosa vs. Adel Bouhadjar

One opponent, two fights: that’s how João Pedro Barbosa faced the 77kg division bracket. After taking the win on the first by 4-3, the Brazilian athlete didn’t slow down and went full throttle for the second round, scoring 9-4 against Adel Bouhadjar to take the gold medal.

85kg: Nicolas Shiromizu vs. Pedro Machado

With two athletes in the bracket, the 85kg division title was fought over in two rounds. Uruguayan Nicolas Shiromizu stood against Portuguese Pedro Machado, winning both matches via submission to reach the top of the podium.

94kg: John Maycon vs. Jhoannan Andres

In a best-of-three match, Brazilian John Maycon faced off against Chilean Jhoannan Andres. With the first match won by 3-0 and the second one lost by referee decision, the stakes were at an all-time high for John in the third and final round. After a balanced match that saw the score land at 2-2, the referees once again stepped in, this time giving the win and title to the Brazilian.


85kg: Sebastian Fernandez vs. Mario Navarrete

After landing a 3-0 score on his first opponent, Canadian Sebastian Fernandez stood against the Mexican Mario Navarrete in the final round, landing a submission to take the 85kg division gold medal home.

94kg: Jhoannan Andres vs. John Maycon

After submitting his first opponent, the Chilean Jhoannan Andres once again saw himself going up against Brazilian John Maycon. This time, however, the odds were in favor of the former, who landed a 2-0 score and won the gold for the Frates BJJ team.