Weekend Recap: Tajikistan and Brazil close the month of June with explosive tournaments

July 1, 2024

After a busy month of June, the AJP has kept the ball rolling and gave its athletes around the world two more chances to score some ranking points before the month was out. With the tournaments being held in Asia and South America, the organization had a National in Tajikistan and an International in the Brazilian city of Goiania, so without further ado, let's check out the highlights from each championship.

AJP Tour Tajikistan National Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2024: Geovani Carvalho and Alidzhon Bobomurodov clash for the gold in Dushanbe

On Sunday, June 30th, the Tajikistan National landed at the Machmuai Varzishi Dmt, bringing three fight areas and scores of athletes hungry to spend the afternoon showing the results of their training as they sought the gold. But while many champions were born that day, two Professional black belts were the tournament's highlights as they went up against each other to conquer the 69kg division title.

Starting in the gi, the Brazilian Geovani Carvalho (Best Team Bukhara Akademy) had his work cut out for him as he fought to become a champion at the competition. Facing the local Alidzhon Bobomurodov (Boymurodov Team) in the final, Geovani went up against his opponent in a very balanced duel that took up the entirety of the regulated time. When the clock ran out, a narrow 3-2 score gave Geovani the victory and the title.

A few hours later, the athletes ran into each other again. Fighting once again for the 69kg division, but this time without the gi, Alidzhon had his prowess on full display as he faced Geovani again. The battle was once again a close one and both sides scored multiple times over the course of five minutes. At the end of it all, an 8-6 score gave Alidzhon the gold and left a lingering question: Could this have been the birth of a new rivalry in the AJP mats? Only time will tell.

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AJP Tour Goiania International Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2024: Wildemar Santos submits his way to the triple gold in Brazil

On that same Sunday, the Goiania International took over the Sesi Vila Canaã and welcomed fighters of all ages and graduations to put their skills to the test on the AJP mats. With 600 points on the line for each of the champions, one Brazilian black belt went all out and conquered an astonishing triple gold by submitting every single opponent that crossed his path.

Representing the Brazilian Brothers Jiu Jitsu, 28-year-old Wildemar Santos had a busy day ahead of him. Starting in the 120kg division, Wildemar first beat Rodrigo Santos (We Flow Jiu Jitsu) in the semifinal and then went on to the gold round, in which he landed another submission to defeat Luciano Marcacine (Ares). A couple of hours later, Wildemar was back on the mat, this time gunning for the Open Heavyweight title. After submitting Alexandre Viana (Juquinha) in the semis, Wildemar went on to put on another masterful performance in the final round, landing the winning submission on Emanuel Silva (Juquinha) in the final moments of the match.

After taking two gold medals at the highest level, Wildemar still had some gas left in the tank, so he made his way back to the battlefield without his gi to fight for the 120kg division one more time. In a rematch against Rodrigo Santos, Wildemar stayed on his toes and managed to score multiple points before finding the path for the submission in the final minute of the fight, crowning a flawless campaign with a well-deserved triple gold.

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