ADGS Rio: Black Belts in the Masters Division mix talent and experience in a thrilling day 2 of Jiu Jitsu in Brazil

Day 2 of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Rio saw the experienced and talented Black Belts in the Masters division take the five mats by storm. Since 10AM, hundreds of athletes gave all they had in each match in search of the gold medal.

Well known names like ADWPJJC champion Claudio Calasans Jr, former UFC contender Thales Leites, ADGS champions Gabriel Moraes, Sergio Rios, among others, were all in the mix. Each weight class featured incredible battles from beginning to end. Here's how the finals played out at the end of the day.

Masters Black Belt Male

Light-Featherweight (-56 kg) - Fabiano Cleto defeated Luiz Ribeiro 4-2 in a tough fight to take the title.

1st - Fabiano Cleto (Brazil)
2nd - Luiz Ribeiro (Brazil)
3rd - Jorge Nakamura (Brazil)

Featherweight (-62 kg) - Gabriel Moraes got a 1-0 lead at the end with a near guard pass to take home the gold medal.


1st - Gabriel Moraes (Brazil)
2nd - Ivaniel Oliveira (Brazil)
3rd - Douglas Silva (Brazil)

Lightweight (-69 kg) - Rafael Mansur made great use of his omoplata game to defeat João Ribeiro by 1-0 and secure the title.
1st - Rafael Mansur (Brazil)
2nd - João Ribeiro (Brazil)
3rd - Leon Amancio (Brazil)

Welterweight (-77kg) - In a quick final, Thiago Silva submitted Abdre Baccarin with a triangle to become champion.
1st - Thiago Silva (Brazil)
2nd - Andre Baccarin (Brazil)
3rd - Luciano Bernert (Brazil)

Middleweight (-85 kg) - In a tight fight, Claudio Calasans Jr beat Luiz Neves in the judges' decision after a 1-1 draw in points.

1st - Claudio Calasans Jr (Brazil)
2nd - Luiz Neves (Brazil)
3rd - João Batista (Brazil)

Light-heavyweight (-94kg) - Eduardo Inojosa had an impressive performance in the final, dominating Alberto Ramos for five minutes and finishing with a choke with a lapel.
1st - Eduardo Inojosa (Brazil)
2nd - Alberto Ramos (Brazil)
3rd - Filipe Carmona (Brazil)

Super-heavyweight (-120 kg) - Herico Pinto imposed his game on Rubens Pedroso in the final to win with a score of 10-2 and become champion.
1st - Herico Pinto (Brazil)
2nd - Rubens Pedroso (Brazil)
3rd - Felipe Bezerra (Brazil)

The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Rio returns this Sunday, October 24, for the Professional Black Belt division. Watch all matches live on YouTube. Follow the complete coverage on Instagram. Find all Podium Pictures at Facebook.