Final Day of Abu Dhabi Grand Slam London Professionals

March 20, 2022 - Professional Purple, Brown, Black Belts

Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Tour London have successfully concluded to be the first event taken place in Copper-Box Arena since the pandemic started in 2020. The second day of the fourth tour of Abu Dhabi Grand Slam began on March 20th , was outstanding with the presence of 563 from top ranked Professional Purple, Brown & Black belts Jiu-Jitsu athletes from 42 countries. Moreover, the arena was occupied with the excited Jiu-Jitsu fans who attended to watch & support their favourite fighters on the mats.

“After two year we returned to Copper-Box Arena opened for public, yesterday we had Abu Dhabi King of Mats and it was amazing to see the new generation and today we had the finals in Black Belts Professional. We look froward to see the fighters who increased their rankings’ points in capital of Jiu-Jitsu and the final destination of ADGS this season in May, 2022” said Rodrigo Valerio, Operation Manager of the Abu Dhabi Jiu-Jitsu Pro.

The Brown/Black belts Professional & Black Belt Professional champions were awarded by H.E. Mohammed Salem Al Dhaheri, Vice President of the UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation, Mr. Ahmed AlAbdooli, Head of Political Section of the UAE Embassy in London. And the champions are, Yuri Hendrex won final fight in Black  Belt Professional Light Featherweight (Under 56KG). Brenda Larissa snatched the gold medal from the opponent by points in the final of Brown/Black Belt Professional Roosterweight (Under 49KG). Meyran Alves extended his winning by 7 points in Black Belt Professional Featherweight (Under 62KG). Ana Rodrigues won the final fight in Brown/Black Professional Light Featherweight (Under 55KG). Fabricio Junior won the final Black Belt Professional Lightweight by 2 Points (Under 69KG). Lucas Protasio won the final fight in Black Belt Professional Walterweight (Under 77KG). Julia Alves won the final fight in Brow/Black Belt Professional Lightweight (Under 62KG). Thalyta Silva won the final fight  Brwon Black Belt Professional Middleweight (Under 70KG). Tommy Langaker won the final fight at the last second of the fight in Brown Black Belt Professional Middleweight (Under 85KG). Gabrieli Pessanha won the gold medal in brown Black belt Professional heavyweight (Under 95KG). Erich Munis the final fight in Black Belt Professional Light Heavyweight (Under 94KG). Wallace Costa won final fight in Black Belts Super heavyweight (Under 120KG). The Professional fighters performance was on fire during the final fights with close winning points from the golden medals.

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