Over the last 10 days of the month of July AJP toured in Jordan, Mongolia and Portugal.

The Jordanian capital opened its doors to a handful of fights welcoming all nationalities and belts. The halls were full of excited fans cheering for their favorite players and chanting their favorite players names. As stated by Mr. Zaid Granduke – Ajp International Pro organizer "This event drew over 300 athletes from 16 countries, and the region's talents are eager for more competitions, which the AJP is bringing the heat to."

Honourable mentions: Black Belts

  • Thiago Mascaranhas – 120kg – Master 1
  • Haider Rasheed – 85KG – Master 1
  • Catriel Fernandes Rodrigues- 94 KG – Professional
  • Abdel-Majid Faouri – 77kg – Professional

Honourable Mentions: Brown Belts

  • MOHAMMAD ABDELHADI – 94 KG- Master 1
  • HAZEM KAYYALI – 85 KG – Professional
  • JAFAR TAMIMI—77 KG – Professional

Honourable Mentions: Purple Belts

  • MOHAMMAD TAJQAH – 120KG – Professional
  • MOHAMMAD QURSHA – 85KG – Professional
  • ALI AL-JASIM -69KG- Professional


Ulaanbaatar the worlds coldest capital was home to 150,000+ points. The Mongolian Capital witnessed multiple enthusiastic matches over 23rd and 24th July 2022. Open to all nationalities, all belts and weights.

A lot of emotions filled the venue excitement, tears and cheers. The games were very intense and entertaining with a full crowd and two days Mongolia was home to more than 395+ players.

We would like to also express our thankfulness and gratitude for these visitors

Bold-Erdene Odsuren /Executive director of Mongolian Jiu Jitsu Association/,

Myagmardorj Badarch /Honourable president of Mongolian Jiu Jitsu Association/,

Amartuvshin Erdenebayar /Golden member of Mongolian Jiu Jitsu Association/,

Tsend-Ayush /Silver member of Mongolian Jiu Jitsu Association/

Narangerel Ognoon and Sarangerel Ognoon /Board member of Mongolian jiu jitsu association/

Honourable Mentions:

  • OYUNBAT KHUASAN – 94KG—Master 1
  • ENKHTUVSHIN BATCHULUUN – 85KG-- Professional


Cascais located by the Atlantic Ocean. The city that is home to amazing views and great matches. Cascais hosted a large number of players on Saturday July 23rd. 10 nations took part in this event from Portugal all the way to Guinea-Bissau.

Honourable Mentions: Black Belts

  • Eldar Rafigaev – 120kg – Master 1
  • Jose Vinicius- 120kg- Master 02
  • Bruno Lima- 120kg- Professional

Honourable Mentions: Brown Belts

  • Pedro Ferreira -77KG- Master 1
  • Matheus Rangel – 85kg — Professional
  • Vitor Borges – 77 Kg – Professional

Honourable Mentions: Purple Belts

  • Elie Coissard- 94kg- Master 1
  • Edmundo Gomes- 85kg- Master 2
  • Ismael Lopez Mohamed-77kg- Professional