ADGS Miami: Masters are locked and loaded for the event; See who's registered

September 12, 2023

Everything is ready for the next edition of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Miami, which will take place next week at the Watsco Center in Florida. In the two days of high-octane action scheduled for the tournament, a hectic master category promises to spice things up on September 16th, with the master 1 men's black belt division at the forefront of the mayhem.

The brackets, particularly alluring for their cash prizes, gather all kinds of competitors, from newcomers over 30 years old to the more seasoned warriors, who stepped over 40 and still put themselves through the wringer against the younger and more eager competitors of the master 1 division.

Upon closer inspection, the master category of the ADGS Miami features some familiar faces from the AJP's roster, all more than ready to take both the prize and the throne, provided they manage to survive the well-populated brackets of the tournament. Hiago George, always ready to throw himself against adults and masters alike, is the man to be beaten at the 62kg division. Meanwhile, sharing both their first names and the 69kg division, old acquaintances Thiago Marques and Thiago Macedo step up to the ADGS Miami, with a big chance of bumping into each other yet again as they climb the bracket.

In the 77kg division, the brand-new master Pedro Neto faces well-known athletes in his bracket, such as the namesakes Caio Almeida and Caio Gregorio. Claudio Calasans and Manuel Ribamar are the highlights of the 85kg division, while the Polish Adam Wardzinski brings his dangerous guard game to the 94kg category. That's not to mention the explosive 120kg division, which will see the likes of Roberto Cyborg, Wallace Costa, Roosevelt Sousa, Ricardo Evangelista, and other ultra-heavy powerhouses clashing for the title.

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