The AJP Teams Cup are organized as a Team Competition System:



Weight: -56kg, -62kg, -69kg, -77kg, -85kg, -94kg, -120kg


Weight: -56kg, -62kg, -69kg, -77kg, -85kg, -94kg, -120kg


Weight: -56kg, -62kg, -69kg, -77kg, -85kg, -94kg, -120kg


Weight: -55kg, -70kg, -95kg


Weight: -55kg, -70kg, -95kg

Number of Teams (Invitation)

Obs: Every Team has the right to bring a quota of two players from one lower belt to join the team.

Ex: 2 purple belts can participate on the team of brown belts, but on this case, they won’t be allowed to play on purple belt team.

General conditions and club membership

In order to participate in the AJP Teams Cup, the players must be a registered member of the club during the current Season, and at the Nominal Entry deadline specified on www.ajptour.com

The clubs are obliged to sign agreement with each athlete to represent the club in AJP Teams Cup. Agreement will be signed on a unified form provided by AJP. Clubs must be ready to present the signed agreements to AJP upon request.

Once an athlete signs for a club he is bound for AJP Teams Cup current season to this particular club and he cannot be transferred to another club for AJP Teams current season, or in running calendar year. An athlete who would sign for more than one club without the official release permission from his current club in particular year will be suspended from participation in AJP Teams Cup events in that season.


The Club shall confirm the participation and nominate their participating players by registering their players on the event page at www.ajptour.com until the deadline.

Team registrations (online)

   • Deadline: ajptour.com (athletes can’t be add after the deadline)

Athletes Age

   • Athletes must be minimum 15 years and purple belt (Born in 2005 and before). Nominal registrations is limited from a minimum of 1 player per weight division, and up to 2 players per weight division.

Clubs must have a minimum of 7 players to participate and a maximum of 14 players.

The following example shows all actions to be taken to include an athlete from TEAM A in the

team list of the TEAM B.

   • Official from TEAM A has to create the club admin in ajptour.com.

   • The TEAM A has to conclude the agreement provided by AJP with the approval to move the athlete to TEAM B.

   • The TEAM A has to request the transference of the athlete to the club from TEAM B to TEAM A by official email request [email protected]

   • The TEAM A has to register the athlete from in the event.


The times and place for check-in and accreditation are specified at the event's page. Club delegations must arrive and check-in within the time limits provided.

The final list of the team, minimum of seven (7) players, is confirmed with the AJP official at the accreditation. The competitors on the final list of Club can only be chosen from the nominal list entered in ajptour.com.



The fee for each club participation is free of charge.

In case that a team withdraws from the competition and has not informed the AJP Head Office by written notice at least 1 month before the date of the competition, the club will pay a fine.


Competition Format

The tournament shall be a round robin format with a maximum of six teams per group.

Duration of Individual Contests

Duration contests: 5 minutes, using AJP scoring system.

Line-Up of the Team

Before each team contest the team leader must present to the Bracket Manager the line-up of the team. At each round he/she has the right to replace one or several competitors by other competitors of the corresponding weight category.

All competitors in the line-up for the team entering the mat for the official bow have to compete.If one competitor does not compete the team will lose by disqualification 0 - 4!

A competitor, who has presented himself for the contest and does not compete, loses the right to compete in the event. If one team does not arrive for the match, the other team will be declared the winner by walkover.

In case one player has injured himself, and his team does not have a spare player on that weight division but has a spare player on the lower weight division, he will be allowed to replace the injured player. In this case, the replaced player shall not be allowed to participate for the remainder of the round. The player who replaced the injured player must continue on the new weight until the end of the competition.

Replacement are allowed only from one lower division.


The team contest consists of 1 individual contests for each weight division in their respective categories.

The number of individual contests won will decide the winning team

   • Win by Submission = 4 points

   • Win by Walkover = 4 points

   • Win by Points = 3 points

   • Draw = 1 point

   • Loser = 0 points

At the end of the contest, the team who scored the most points shall be declared the winner of the contest.

If all fights in a contest end up in a draw, the golden score system will be implemented to decide the winner between the two competitors of the last weight division, first to score will be the winner. If the draw remains after the golden score, the referee will decide the winner of the fight.

In case of a draw in points, the following criteria will be applied:

   1. Number of submissions

   2. Sum of score in winning matches

   3. Fastest submission


The brackets draw will take place before the competition and shall be online until 24 hours prior the event.


Place and time for weigh-in can be found in the event’s page.

The weigh-in will be organised by teams, the full team must be presented for the weigh-in and the weight of the athletes must fall within the limits of their category to which they belong to.


   • Presenting themselves after the closing of the weigh-in, cannot participate.

   • Can present themselves multiple times on the scales during the official weigh-in.

   • Must present their AJP accreditation and PASSPORT or National ID Card showing nationality and date of birth at the official weigh-in.


The AJP shall provide for the medal ceremony:

   • First place: TBC

   • Second place: TBC

   • Third place: TBC

Every medallist team can take part at the awarding ceremony, and 1 coach is allowed to join.

It is strictly forbidden for competitors on the podium to bring clubs flags or the similar identification other than the one represented in the regular manner on their equipment. Any demonstration of religious, political, personal or commercial sign is prohibited and so is wearing a cap or any other head cover.

Teams placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive prize money as follows:

   • First place: TBC

   • Second place: TBC

   • Third places: TBC

Prize money if available, will be paid by bank transfer / Paypal not later than 10 (ten) days after competition according to bank details sent by Club to AJP Head Office. After receipt of payment, Club will have obligation to send signed Acknowledgement (AJP Finance Department will send the form).


Approved GI

All players must compete in AJP Approved GI.

It is mandatory to every player to bring a white kimono and a blue or black kimono.

All the competitors of the same team must enter the contest with the same color of kimono. It will be checked prior to the fight.


   • If an athlete does not respect the Gi rules, the athlete will not be permitted to pass the GI Control. The athlete will have 5 minutes to change, otherwise he will be disqualified from the contest and his team will start the contest losing by 4 points.

Markings and Advertising

Please note: On all advertising spaces it is strictly prohibited to promote tobacco, alcohol, any substances listed in the doping code, or any product or service contrary to public morals.

Detailed information is available at AJP website.


Code of behavior of coaches as defined in the AJP Tour Regulations will be strictly observed, inclusive the Dress Code.

   • One coach will be allowed at the field of play during the competition.

   • Coaches are not allowed to speak with the referee during the fights.

   • Coaches are not allowed to speak with the coach of the other team during the fight.

   • Coaches are not allowed to say any bad word while coaching their athletes. Neither for the other player or staffs and referees.

   • If a coach doesn't follow these rules, she/he can be expelled from the competition area.

   • If coaches persist with such behavior the AJP Accreditation will be taken away for the day. If the coach still persists with this behavior from outside the competition area, she/he could be penalized further.


If the coach spots a mistake, he must stand up immediately. The referee shall announce the stoppage of the fight when the athletes are in a stable position. The coach must clearly describe what he wants to challenge. The referee will then check the situation using the video assistant.

If the challenge is positive, the decision must be changed accordingly, and the coach shall keep his right to request once again a new challenge.

If the challenge is negative, the coach shall lose the right to request a new challenge on the current match.

The challenge is a tool reserved strictly for the coach. In case the fighter challenges a referee’s decision, the fighter shall be penalized .