South America Continental: Henrique Cardoso, Lucas Protasio, and Isabely Lemos with double gold in Brazil

March 19, 2023

The beautiful Balneário Camboriu hosted yet another stage of high-level Jiu-Jitsu with the AJP Tour South America Continental Jiu-Jitsu 2023. On the last Sunday, March 19th, high-level professional athletes reached the mats set up in the Expocentro to seek the highest spot on the podium.

The big names of the day were Henrique Cardoso (Ceconi/Kmkz), Lucas Protasio (Checkmat), and Isabely Lemos (GFTeam), all with double gold after outstanding performances on both weight division and absolute.

Other AJP veterans and even some new faces managed to set themselves apart in the event with their prowess and mettle. Check out the highlights of the Men's Black Belt and Women's Brown/Black categories below. For the full results, click here!


62kg: Leonardo Mario vs Yuri Hendrex

Leonardo Mario took the gold after two wins in his three-man bracket.

First, he beat Guilherme Cordeiro 13-2 and, in the final, submitted his teammate Yuri Hendrex.

69kg: Matias Estevez vs Rafael Campos

Argentine Matias Estevez threaded a thorny path to the division title. Matias had to overcome three fights before getting a place in the final, in which he faced Rafael Campos. After 4 minutes of fighting, Rafael ended up disqualified, and Matias took the top spot on the podium.

77kg: Lucas Protasio vs Marcelo Pereira

Two wins by submission and two by points took Lucas Protasio once again to the top of the podium. In the final, Lucas faced and beat Marcelo Pereira by 3 to 0. After winning, Lucas still had enough gas in the tank to go for the absolute.

85kg: Wallisson Souza vs Gabriel Costa

Three fights and three submissions for Wallison "Tarta" Souza on his way to the 85kg gold. In the final round, Wallisson beat his Guigo Jiu-Jitsu teammate Gabriel Costa to secure the title of division champion.

94kg: Walisson Pardim vs Ian Cardoso

Walisson Pardim was the big name in the 94kg division, after opening the fight day with a submission and winning the semifinal on points. In the last fight of the bracket, Walisson managed to overcome Ian Cardoso by 2–1.

120kg: Henrique Cardoso vs Felipe Bezerra

Henrique "Ceconi" Cardoso submitted three times on his way to the final against Felipe Bezerra. In the dispute for the gold, Henrique dominated his opponent and won by an astounding 11 to 0. Still hungry for more action, the Brazilian didn't allow himself to slow down and set his sights on a new target: the Open Weight division.

Open Lightweight: Lucas Protásio vs Luiz Santos

Lucas Protásio went home with two gold medals in his backpack. After winning the 77kg division, Lucas also conquered the Open Lightweight bracket, scoring 3-0 against Luiz Santos in the final.

Open Heavyweight: Henrique Cardoso vs Gabriel Costa

With two submissions on his way to the final, Henrique "Ceconi" Cardoso faced Gabriel Costa for the Open heavyweight gold. A 5-1 score for Henrique landed the double gold for the Ceconi/Kmkz team athlete.


49kg: Eliana Carauni vs. Diosana Frigo

The Argentine Eliana Carauni was ruthless in her best-of-three dispute against Diosana Frigo. After winning the first match by 5-1, Eliana allowed no hope for her opponent and snagged the victory again in the following bout, this time by 8-4.

55kg: Mikaele Damaceno vs. Miranda Galban

Three wins for the Brazilian Mikaele Damasceno on the way to the gold. After submitting the Paraguayan Veronica Grenno in the semifinals, Mikaele beat Argentine Miranda Galban in the final round by 5-4.

62kg: Maria Delahaye vs. Vitoria Cabral

Four fights and four wins for Maria Luisa Delahaye in the 62kg division. The final saw Maria going up against Vitoria Cabral and landing the score at 3-2 to become the division champion.

70kg: Vitoria Nogueira vs. Victoria Ulrich

Vitoria and Victoria reached the final of the under-70kg category after winning two fights each. In the final, Vitória Nogueira emerged as the winner, with a 1-0 score to reach the top of the podium.

95kg: Isabely Lemos vs. Simone Pinheiro

With two submissions on the way to the final, Isabely Lemos came in hot to face Simone Pinheiro in the gold round. An 8-0 score landed Isabely the division title and set the tone for her return to the mats on the Open Heavyweight bracket.

Open Lightweight: Vitoria Vieira vs. Mary Delahaye

After taking bronze in the 62kg division, Vitória Vieira returned even more driven and won three fights in the Open Lightweight, the last one by submission over Maria Delahaye to win the title.

Open Heavyweight: Isabely Lemos vs. Vitoria Nogueira

After reigning in the 95kg division, Isabely was still hungry for more when she reached the Open Heavyweight bracket. After her first win, Isabely landed a 2-1 score in the final round against 70kg division champion Vitoria Nogueira to take home the coveted double gold.