Luanda International: Alfredo Jacques, and more locals with gold medal in Angola

March 26, 2023

On this Sunday, March 26th, the AJP Tour Luanda International Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2023 reached the African continent and gave a true show to the local fans. In the three fight areas set up at the Clube Ferroviário de Luanda, in Angola, athletes of all ages and graduations put their skills to the test to reach the coveted title of AJP champion.

Representing Z1 Academy, the Angolan professional black belt Alfredo Jacques was a highlight of the event. After beating fellow countrymen Edusano Silva (Gracie Barra Angola) by a score of 4-2, the 26-year-old athlete found himself up against Cape Verdean and Z1 teammate Ricardo Brito in the final round. In a duel that took almost the entirety of the regulation time, Alfredo’s light shined brighter as he landed a submission with little less than a minute on the clock, taking the gold, the 120kg title, and the third place at the African AJP ranking.

Other highlights include the brown belt Luis Silvestre (Gracie Barra Angola), who submitted all his opponents on the path to the 85kg gold; and brown belt Jorge Pedro (GFTeam), who reached the highest spot on the podium after beating two teammates in the 77kg bracket.

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