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IVT - International Vision Travels 

As sports fans, we recognize that it is more than just an event ticket and that is hard to get accommodation that makes a sporting tour an experience. We provide expertise and passion as well as, grandstand upgrade options, a range of hotels to suit different budgets, event or track transfers, tours, guest speakers, travel packs, and other extras.

For tickets, accommodation, visas, transport for any AJP event or championship, contact us.


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Sports Complex "Festival'niy" , Moscow, Russia »
Ulitsa Sushchovskiy Val
Часовой пояс: Europe/Moscow


  • Boys Gi 35 USD
  • Girls Gi 35 USD
  • Juvenile Gi Male 35 USD
  • Juvenile Gi Female 35 USD
  • Male Gi 60 USD
  • Male NoGi 60 USD
  • Female NoGi 60 USD
  • Female Gi 60 USD
  • Male Gi OPEN 0 USD
  • Male NoGi OPEN 0 USD
  • Female Gi OPEN 0 USD
  • Female NoGi OPEN 0 USD