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is intended for formers Abu Dhabi World Pro and Abu Dhabi Grand Slams Champions.


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1. Definitions

The Abu Dhabi King of Mats - Los Angeles will bring from a prestigious list of 35 Abu Dhabi World Pro Champions, the top 30 athletes that will fight for The King of Mat Champion Title selected and invited by the UAEJJF, according to their results in the last 10 Abu Dhabi World Pro editions and representativeness within the sports role model, charisma, posture inside and outside the mats and schedule availability.

The Tournament brings together many of the greatest fighters in history for nostalgic, competitive and entertaining fights in Abu Dhabi and in other cities around the world.

Weight division may consist of not more than 10 competitors and not less than 6 competitors. There may be up to two reserves or wild cards (Grand Slams Champions or top UAEJJF ranked fighters) to replace in case of absence of World Pro Champions.

The event may consist of not more than 10 competitors. There may be up to two reserves.

10 athletes – two pools of round robin, each with five Fighters. Top two Fighters from each pool progress to the semi-finals with the winner of Pool A fighting the runner-up from Pool B and the winner of Pool B fighting the runner-up from Pool A.

2. Weight Divisions & Prizes

Except with the approval of the UAEJJF Commission, or its executive director, the class for Abu Dhabi King of Mats - Los Angeles contests and the weights for the event may consist of title dispute in the following weight class:

Heavyweight (over 85kgs to 110kgs)

In championship fights, the participants must weigh no more than that permitted for the relevant weight division. In the fighter is overweight he will be placed in the next division and will pay a fine.

The podium medalists will receive King of Mats Trophy & Cash Prize.

3. Mats / Fighting Area Requirements and Equipment

The fighting area contests may be held in a mats platform.

A fighting area used for a contest must be no smaller than 10 meters and no larger than 14 meters. One corner shall have a blue designation and the corner directly opposite must have a red designation.

4. Specifications for Kimono and NO GI Apparel

Gi's Black, Blue and White, each contestant shall have two Gi’s with two different colors.

Shirts are prohibited during competition except that rashgards approved by the Commission.

For NO GI contests each contestant shall wear NO GI shorts (board shorts) or other shorts approved by the Commission.

Shoes and any type of padding on the feet are prohibited during competition.

5. Appearance

Each combatant must be clean and present a tidy appearance.

A Fighter may not wear any jewelry or other piercing accessories while competing in the contest.

6. Match Length

Each contest is to be for 1 round no more than 6 minutes duration, with a rest period of 2 matches between each fight.

7. Stopping Contest

The referee is the sole arbiter of a contest and is the only individual authorized to stop a contest.

The referees may take advice from the matside physician and/or the Commission with respect to the decision to stop a contest.

The referees and the matside physician are the only individuals authorized to enter the fighting area at any time during competition other than the rest periods and subsequent to the contest ending.

8. Refereeing and Judging

All bouts will be evaluated and scored by 3 referees who shall evaluate the contest from different location around the fighting area according the agreed rules between commission and athletes.

The contests will be refereed by UAEJJF International Referees with special rules in accordance with the Refereeing Rules of the UAEJJF.

9. Rules Agreed

UAEJJF Rules Book (update 2017)

10. Types of Contest Results

1. Submission by:

Physical Tap Out

Verbal Tap Out

2. Disqualification by:

when Referee stops the contest (SUB)

when an injury as a result of a legal maneuver is sever enough to terminate a bout (TKO)

when contestant being rendered unconscious due choke (KO)

3. Decision via the scorecards, including:

Unanimous Decision - When all three referees score the contest for the same contestant

Split Decision - When two judges score the contest for one contestant and one judge scores for the opponent

4. Disqualification

5. No Decision / Withdraw / Walkover


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