AJP ADGS world tour RANK DEFINITIONS 2020-2021



The Abu Dhabi Jiu-Jitsu Pro (AJP) has announced important addition to the competition and ranking format for the upcoming 2020/2021 season. The updates aim at making the season even more thrilling for fans and for athletes. The new addition will guarantee a more competitive environment in each and every event of the tour, from local tournaments to all six editions of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam World Tour.

The first big change is the limitation of ADGS events to purple belt, brown belt and black belt divisions only, both in the adult and Master 1 & 2 age groups.

The entry system in ADGS World Tour events has also been updated. Athletes will have to qualify through points acquired in local events in the National Pro, International Pro and Continental Pro series.

The ADGS Rio de Janeiro, London and Abu Dhabi will be classified as Prime stops offering to the winners 3000 points and so on.

Another big change is the creation of ranking by weight classes instead of a single ranking for each belt color. At the end of the 2020/2021 season, the best athletes in each weight class will receive an award.


Abu Dhabi Grand Slam world tour rank

1. Ranking System

  • Athletes sum points from 4 Events: Miami, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Abu Dhabi.
  • Limited to Purple Belts*, Brown Belts, Black Belts (Adult & Master 1 & 2). *Juveniles Purple Belts are allowed to fight in Adult Divisions

2. Qualification System

  • Athletes need to acquire points through participation and results on regional events (National Pro, International Pro, Continental Pro).

3. Awarding System

  • Each Stops has prizes by Weight Class
  • End of the season award will be handed out to best athletes in each weight class within a belt color.



  • Fighters alone in a bracket will be moved to an upper divisions.

Exception where points will be given:

  • In a case where divisions cannot be merged such Women 95kilos or Men 120Kilos, the points will be credited.
  • In case where there is a non showed up or a disqualification after the brackets are generated, where the fighter have no matches, the points will be credited.
  • Special cases will be checked by AJP Committee and points can be credited.
  • Divisions with 2 (two) players will run normally, players won't be moved to next division. Players must be from different clubs, otherwise, they will be moved to next division.
  • Cases where belts divisions are merged, the points will be credited according to the current fighter's belt.
  • Cases where ages categories are merged, the points will be credited according to the current age registered. If a players is moved from Master 1 to Adult, the points will be credited to Master 1 Rank.
  • Ranking points will not be transferred from one belt rank to the next one.
  • Ranking points will not be transferred from one age division to another.
  • If a fighter changes age group or belt division during Season Qualification period he/she loses all points in the AJP ADGS World Tour Rank and has to start with 0.


In case of equality of total RANK points, the higher ranking will be decided by:

1. The highest sum of the first place position on Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Prime stops.

2. The highest sum of the medals from all Abu Dhabi Grand Slams.

3. The highest sum of the wins from all Abu Dhabi Grand Slams.