ADGS Rio: Masters are ready to roll in Brazil

July 2, 2024

Scheduled to take place between July 19th and 21st, the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Rio de Janeiro 2024 marks the tour's return to Brazil, with competitors of all ages and graduations making their way to the Arena Carioca 1 aiming to show their skills as they seek one of the most challenging gold medals in the AJP's roster.

Taking point on the tournament's second day, July 20th, the Master category is ready to put their experience on full display in the organization's mats. Check out the registered highlights of the Master 1 black belt division below.

Starting with the light featherweights, AJP familiar faces Emerson Cassio and Marko Oikarainen top the list, followed by fellow veteran Jorge Nakamura. At featherweight, Brazil's Hiago George and Nicolas Ponce, from Chile, promise to make some noise in the bracket.

At lightweight we have Thiago Macedo looking for more points to add to his already stacked season, while Luan Carvalho, Felipe Ribas, and Bruno Lima could strive for victory in the welterweight division. At middleweight, Davi Fidelis and Marcos Junior from Brazil bring their strength to the group, as well as Argentines Nicolas Barrera and Maximiliano Barletta.

Among the light heavyweights, Jackson Sousa and Matheus "Tá Danado" Xavier are the highlights, closely followed by Manaus-based Victor Neves, from Clube Pina. In the super heavyweight category, up to 120kg, the well-known Felipe Bezerra is ready for another fierce campaign, with names like Wallace Costa also in the bracket.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Rio de Janeiro is set to take place between July 19th and 21st, with all days of the competition broadcast live at Follow @ajptour on social media to be up-to-date on all things ADGS.