Weekend Recap: Colombia, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Cyprus join AJP and host explosive tournaments

May 27, 2024

After an entire month of high-level competitions, the last weekend of May kept the ball rolling as AJP brought even more tournaments to four countries around the world. This time around, fight fans and athletes had events in Colombia, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Cyprus to look forward to, as the organization spared no efforts in making sure that these would be up to its high standards. Without further ado, let's check out the highlights from each championship.

AJP Tour Mosquera International Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2024: Black belts take the gold in Colombia

On both days of the weekend, athletes from all over the world were welcomed at the Coliseo Cubierto Lucio Amortegui Mosquera to fight with and without the gi. The tournament was highlighted by the black belts of the Professional category, who showed stellar performances as they sought the gold in their respective divisions.

With the gi matches taking place on the first day, the Brazilian Felipe Oliveira (Atrixion Elite Team) went full-throttle from the start and locked a submission on the local Christian Cabrera (Affinity Studios Colombia) to take the 69kg title. Meanwhile, the 77kg division saw Ecuador's Ariel Delgado (Alliance) conquer the top spot of the podium after beating two Colombian opponents, beating Camilo Betancourt (Gracie Barra Colombia) by 15-0 and Mateo Salinas (Body of Four Team) by 8-0. Facing two local teammates from Team FCJJ Colombia in the heaviest division, Costa Rican Herminio Mora (Ares BJJ) first outscored Sergio Briceño by 2-0 and then scored 3-0 against Andres Abril in the final to take the 120kg gold.

On the second and last day of the competition, as the no-gi bouts took place, the Colombian Jairo Ortizl (Team FCJJ Colombia) seized a hard-fought victory. Facing his fellow countryman Christian Cabrera (Affinity Studios Colombia), Jairo was faced with a very well-balanced match that lasted the entirety of the regulated time. When the clock ran out, a narrow 1-0 score gave Jairo the win and the title.

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AJP Tour Vila Real International Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2024: Gonçalo Pereira keeps the double gold in Portugal

On Saturday, May 25th, the Pavilhão dos Desportos de Vila Real was the stage upon which the AJP athletes would show their prowess as they fought for gold and glory within the organization. While many champions rose to the top, one Portuguese black belt from the Professional category took it a step further, conquering not one but two gold medals at the tournament.

Representing Brazilian Power Team International, Gonçalo Pereira was the highlight of the competition. After taking the silver medal in his weight division, Gonçalo brushed off the defeat and made his way back to the mats, gunning for the Open Lightweight division title. To reach it, he faced a tough battle against Brazil's Claudio Silva (Sequência BJJ Academy), scoring 6-3 before finding a submission at the last minute of the bout to seize his first gold.

Taking an open-weight title might be enough for some, but Gonçalo was ready for more just a few minutes later. Taking off his gi to fight once again at the 77kg division, the Portuguese athlete went up against Guinea-Bissau's Ricardino Pires in a final round that took up the entirety of the regulated time. While both athletes scored multiple times, when the five minutes ran out, an 11-6 score gave gonçalo the win and his second trip to the top of the podium.

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AJP Tour Burgas International Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2024: Alexandar Alexandrov conquers the double gold for Bulgaria

Still on Saturday, the Burgas International landed at the Sports Hall Mladost and welcomed colored and black belts to sharpen their skills against one another as they sought the top spot of the podium. Among the many competitors present at the tournament, the local black belt Alexandar Alexandrov (Bruno Bastos Jiu-Jitsu Association) went above and beyond as he conquered the coveted double gold in his homeland.

With both titles coming in the 120kg division, Alexandar had his first run in the gi. Facing his fellow countryman Kristiqn Krastev (GFTeam) twice for the gold, Alexandar's first win came via submission at the last minute of the match. In the second encounter, Kristiqn was more careful and managed to avoid being submitted, but Alexandar still managed to take the win and his first gold by 3-0.

Later on, Alexandar found himself back in the fray, this time fighting for the no-gi title in his weight division. In the semifinal, Alexandar landed a lightning-quick submission on Illia Peev (Easton Training Center) with less than 30 seconds on the clock. In the gold round, however, the fight was much more tricky as Alexandar ran once again into Kristiqn Krastev, who put up even more of a fight and managed to defend any submission or scoring attempt over the course of the regulated time and the additional minute. By the end of the duel, no points were scored and the referees decided that Alexandar had a more effective performance, giving him the win and his second title at the tournament.

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AJP Tour Cyprus National Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2024: Professionals show their prowess and take the gold in Nicosia

On Sunday, May 26th, the Cyprus National was held at the Lefkotheou, giving local athletes a chance to fight while spending less on travel and welcoming foreign competitors to visit another country through Jiu-Jitsu. Coming as a highlight of the tournament, the black belts from the Professional category showed fight fans the reason why they're currently at the top of the sport's competitive level, putting on memorable performances as they carved their path to the gold.

Starting in the gi, the 77kg division title was taken by the local Christos Skordis (Gracie Barra Cyprus) after a 3-2 victory over Brazil's Allan Souza (Flavio Behring Association). Meanwhile, the Cypriot Fernando Koupparis (Athlos jiu-jitsu) got a 7-2 win over the UK's Alexi Alexandrou (Submission Fighters UK) to become the 85kg division champion. Finally, in the 120kg division, Brazil's Lucas Figueiredo (Alliance) outscored the Belgian Paulo Silva (Gracie Barra Anderlecht) by 7-2 to take his place atop the podium.

In the no-gi side of things, the British Alexi Alexandrou outscored Greece's Spyridon Giakoumakis (Infinity Jiu-Jitsu) by 4-2 in the semis and then the local Christos Skordis (Gracie Barra Cyprus) by 3-0 to become the 85kg champion. Last but not least, Christos Kosiaris (Palestra Jiu Jitsu) dominated the Israeli Gad Abisror (Soul Fighters AB), scoring 15-1 before ultimately submitting and taking the 120kg division gold.

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