ADGS Rome: Masters gear up to become warriors in the land of the Colosseum

March 29, 2024

Scheduled to take place from April 12th to 14th, the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam World Tour Rome 2024 marks the tournament’s first installment in the birthplace of one of the most famous empires in history. With such a setting, it is no wonder that athletes of all ages and graduations have been registering for a chance to show their skills as warriors in the land that has popularized sports and competition as we know it.

Taking the stage on the tournament’s second day, the experienced fighters of the Master 1 category are ready to join hands with the AJP and etch their names in the history of Rome. With a cash prize, 2000 ranking points, and the glory of becoming a champion on the line, the black belts will don their cotton armors and show their prowess as they seek the highest spot in the podium. Check out the male and female highlights from the Master 1 black belt category of the ADGS Rome!


For the lighter athletes, in the 56kg division, we have among the highlights the tireless Marko Oikaraine, from Finland, closely followed by the Brazilian Emerson Cássio, and the experienced Haitham Hanawi, from the UAE.

In the 62kg division, Chilean Nicolas Ponce is the favorite, while Diego Kalil flies under the radar with his sights set on the title. Meanwhile, in the 69kg division, Thiago Marques and Thiago Macedo once again share a bracket in Master 1, with the always-dangerous Ali Monfaradi also in search of a place in the final.

Talison Costa, one of AJP's most active competitors, is among the athletes in the 77kg category. To challenge his reign, we have the highly decorated Luan Carvalho, as well as Andre Cantanhede, another title hunter with his eye on gold in Rome. Fighting in his homeland, Luca Anacoreta reaches the competition with the local crowd in his favor. Standing against him in the 85kg division, big names like Manuel Ribamar, Pedro Neto, and Ives Sacramento come ready to snatch the gold from his grasp.

In the 94kg division, Jackson Sousa and Roberto Dib Frias are the veterans with the best chances for the podium. Gustavo Borges and Ruben Lemos also arrive strong in the division. As for the heaviest division, Eldar "Yakusa" Rafigaev, from Moldova, arrives with his unorthodox submissions to win the 120kg bracket. Brazilians Felipe Bezerra and Rodrigo Ribeiro, however, are favored for gold.


In the 49kg group, Serena Gabrielli arrives to maintain the gold medal with her compatriots in Italy, but Flávia Quintereli will also be seeking the same title for Brazil. Another local registered for the tournament, Elisa Merli joins the fray in the 55kg division, with Ariadna Oliveira looking for the gold in that same bracket. Juliane Santos and Aline dos Santos arrive as the Brazilian force in the 62kg division, but the Italian Sabrina Cara will be there to spoil their plans with support from the attending crowd.

In the 70kg division, the Polish Magdalena Loska comes as the favorite for the gold, but she'll have to contend with Brazil's Iara Vieira, Italy's Micaela Giocannone, and UAE's Marwa Alhousani, all talented athletes who'll be ready to seize the gold for themselves. Finally, in the 95kg division, Yasmira Dias arrives with her quick submissions to bring the gold to her home country of Portugal, but the German Darina Goldin and the Brazilian Marcele Catanhede will also be in the bracket, seeking the top spot of the podium.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour Rome begins on April 12th, with the competitors of the Amateur category, followed by Youths and Masters on the next day, and the Professional category on April 14th. Follow the action live at the modern streaming platform, and don’t miss out on the first ADGS held in the land of the gladiators!