ADGS Istanbul: Check out the black belt highlights registered to compete in Turkey

June 5, 2024

ADGS Istanbul: Check out the black belt highlights registered to compete in Turkey

Set to take place between June 7th and 9th, the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam World Tour Istanbul 2024 comes not only as the first of its kind on Turkish soil but also as a milestone for the tour itself, which will be celebrating its tenth anniversary as it gifts athletes with the chance to turn this commemoration into glory on the AJP mats. With so much going on in a single tournament, it is no wonder the competition has drawn some of the best and brightest in the international Jiu-Jitsu scene to show their skills at the Basaksehir Genclik ve Spor Ilce Mudurlugu.

While Amateurs, Youths, and Masters will all get the chance to take centerstage at the tournament, the Professional category remains the most awaited class for the event, with its black belts bringing even more heat to the competition with skills and techniques befitting the moniker "Elite of Jiu-Jitsu". Check out below the highlights of the Professional Black Belt category.


Light Featherweight (56kg)

In the lightest men's division, the Brazilian Welison Fernandes and Marko Oikarainen, from Finland, come as the strongest contenders for the title. Omar Alsuwaidi, Haithan Hanawi, and Kalel Santos will also be in the bracket, ready to snatch the gold at a moment's notice.

Featherweight (62kg)

A Cícero Costha duo, Jefferson Fagundes and Yuri Hendrex have their sights set on both the 62kg gold and the ranking points awarded to the champion. Another Brazilian heavy hitter on the bracket, Pablo Mantovani might just have what it takes to spoil everyone else's plans in this competition.

Lightweight (69kg)

Thiago Marques and Thiago Macedo will once again be sharing the lightweight bracket, with Mohammed Alsuwaidi, Artur Oliveira, and Omar Alfadhili also aiming for the top of the podium.

Welterweight (77kg)

AJP familiar faces Lucas Protasio and Ali Monfaradi are back to fight for the gold. In the same group, Talison Costa is ready to add another title to his resumé, while Algeria's Abdallah Allam aims to use his promising Jiu-Jitsu to gain even more recognition within the organization.

Middleweight (85kg)

Many duos fighting for their home countries in the 85kg division, with Uanderson Ferreira and Pedro Neto representing Brazil, Naser Albreiki and Mohamed Alamri flying the UAE colors in the tournament, Bruno Lima and Pedro Cadete bringing Portugal to the fight, and Charlie Adorian and Faisal Kayani aiming to show the UK's power at the event. Additionally, the Turkish Met Meric will be ready to face all foes in his homeland.

Light Heavyweight (94kg)

The rivals Marcos Carrozzino and Luiz Henrique Betta aim to have another face-off in the 94kg division final, but Jackson Sousa and Gustavo Borges will also be in the bracket, ready to use all the tools at their disposal to conquer the gold.

Super Heavyweight (120kg)

AJP veterans Igor Silva, Felipe Bezerra, and Matheus Xavier will be looking to accrue some valuable points at the beginning of the season, but Wallace Costa, Paulo Brasil, and Bulgaria's Alexandar Alexandrov will also be eyeing the top spot of the podium.


Light Featherweight (55kg)

The US' Alexa Yanes and Asma Alhousani, from the UAE, will be highlighting a stacked 55kg division, which will also feature representatives from Russia, Finland, Greece, and Switzerland in a highly globalized bracket.

Lightweight (62kg)

A known champion in the organization, Julia Alves is ready to show her skills in another AJP season. This time around, however, she'll have to contend with Maria Luisa Delahaye, Violeta Angelova, Yara Kakish, and Tamara Toros, all of which will be looking to challenge Julia's reign in the lightweight division.

Middleweight (70kg)

Nia Blackman, from the UK, and the UAE's Marwa Alhousani enter the bracket with high chances of taking the title, but first, they'll have to go through the Brazilian Raquel Santos, Russia's Anna Remneva, and Rima Yacoub, from Jordan.

The ADGS Istanbul will take place from June 7th to 9th, with Amateurs taking over on the first day, Youths and Masters showing their skills on the second day, and Professionals closing the tournament on the third and final day. The competition will be broadcast live on, so make sure to tune in and watch every second of the tournament that will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam World Tour.