AJP Rules Amendments from 1st Jan 2020

AJP Rules Amendments

The Abu Dhabi Jiu-Jitsu Pro Tour (AJP) announced the adoption of a new scoring system on all its events starting May 2020, also announced changes in match durations and match result decisions.

The current Jiu-Jitsu rules applied is the AJP Rules.

Fight Time

  • Adult/Masters: Five (5) Minutes
  • Juveniles: Four (4) Minutes
  • Infant/Junior/Teen: Three (3) Minutes
  • Kids: Two (2) Minutes


  • Advantages become 1 point
  • Penalty becomes 1 point for the opponent

Only points will be displayed on the scoreboard.

Referee Decision:

1. In case of a tie during the normal time (as per each age division), the athlete who scored last will be declared the winner.

2. Matches that end in a 0-0 tie or matches in which athletes only scored points due to penalties to the opponent, there will be an extra minute with golden point (athlete who scores first wins).

3. In case of a tie after the extra minute where the final score is 0-0 or negative points, the winner will be determined by referee decision

Falcon Eye (VAR)

  • During the final athletes' coaches are allowed to request one review of score or movement per match using the Falcon Eye video system (V.A.R. - Video Assistance Referee).
  • If the review changes the original call by the referee, the coach will keep the right to call for another review during the match.
  • If the review does not change the original call by the referee, the coach will not have another chance to call for a review during the match.

* Applicable only for Brown and Black Belts (Adult and Master 1 divisions)



Other Rules Amendments for all belts:


FROM: 3.2.6.When an athlete grabs the inside of the sleeves of the opponent’s Gi top or pants.

TO: 3.2.6. When an athlete grabs the inside of the sleeves of the opponent's Gi top or pants and also when an athlete grabs the inside of the pants at the opponent's waist.